One month away madness!!!!!!

Hi everybody!

First of all, I can’t believe that one month is all that’s left. It feels like maybe it was only a few weeks ago that I began this journey with a whole year ahead of me of dance, and now it’s exactly one month from today. There’s still so much to do, but so much is also just done. It keeps hitting me that some of these experiences are over now. I’ve started my blog, I’ve learned all my dances, I’ve had my photo shoot, I’ve finished designing and giving invites – theres one more temple performance, the first arangetram of the season is 10 days away, and then it’s going to be here.

Speaking of learning all my dances, I have some extra special news. So I didn’t discuss this before because of how iffy the possibility was, but now I’m more comfortable discussing it, and I’m really excited! Ready for the story? Drumroll please. Ahem. Over the course of this one year I learned a beautiful thillana which was brand new and taught to me as a piece to be done by a group of dancers. I totally fell in love with it and was thrilled that my guru was letting me do it for my arangetram. Then calamity struck. My guru decided that she wanted to use that particular thillana for her production, and unless I could rechoreograph it and find a way to make it work myself, I could kiss it goodbye and learn a traditional thillana. Of course, I set to work and by the end of June I had put together a dance. This I polished on my own and with one of my teacher’s senior students. I performed it in front of my teacher just last week. I was so nervous that class because my choreography was a lot different from my teacher’s and one word from her could put 2 months of work to waste. I thought I was fit to collapse at the end but it turns out that she liked it, and she actually said that, “it was well put together.” I think that was my happiest moment of 2016. So yeah, I’ll perform an item that I choreographed at my arangetram, and it’s kind of a break from tradition to do that so I’m even more excited! I hope if you guys come to see my arangetram you enjoy this item.

Moving on, we are now working on the brochures, finalizing on catering and decor and otherwise panicking about the lack of time. The musicians finally got their visas, so that’s a plus too.

Practice has reached its apogee. I practice at least 2-3 hours daily, alongside hour and a half classes every other day. By now I’m supposed to be able to to do all my items from start to finish without breaks. I am happy to report that this train is on schedule dancewise.

To do an arangetram has been my childhood  ambition that has fueled me through my dance training for years. The idea that this dream is finally coming true, and finally will be something tangible after having only existed in my thoughts for 12 years just gives me all the hope and joy that I could ever want and need.

To those of you who have regularly followed my blog since day one, your love and support means the world to me. Thank you so much for being here for me, and I hope I get to see you at my arangetram.

Lots of love,
Ritika 🙂


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