The Kickoff to the Season!


Yesterday  was the first arangetram-  the kickoff to the season!!!!  Here’s my OOTD …

And selfie with the dancer backstage …


And memories during the makeshift stage rehearsal…


First and foremost, in case you havent noticed, I have gotten my braces off! That means my arangetram will be performed braces free, which is incredibly exciting for me!

I spent hours helping backstage yesterday and even got ready here at the Irving Arts Center. Fun fact: my arangetram is now 20 days away, same place, same time. I got the opportunity to learn a lot about how the whole process of prepping for the program goes and just how much work goes into it. You need a separate team for the altar, podium, musicians seating, lobby, getting the dancer ready, making sure lighting is alright, making sure sound works- boy is there a lot to do.

This arangetram didn’t have a dress rehearsal, so I can’t speak on that. My first dress rehearsal experience will be my own. Don’t worry though-  I’ll make sure to make time before the 21st to discuss it in detail.

Well, that concludes the beginning of the season. Six arangetrams until mine! Wish me the best!!


One comment

  1. Vayu Mausi · August 20, 2016

    All the best Ritika!

    Vayu Mausi


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