Pre-Arangetram Jitterbug

Greetings once again from one of the busiest households in the world!

I just had the most exciting rehearsal ever!!! It was also my first rehearsal with the musicians…

Okay, so the musicians flew in last night and this afternoon I spent about 3 hours with them   going through my Margam. It was so amazing.  From the beginning I felt totally energized and just consumed by the dance and music because of just having live artists with me. They sounded so good – I’ve never experienced anything like it. We spent the time working out the kinks and making sure all the beats fell in the right place. We went through 7 out of 8 items. I can’t wait until my stage rehearsal because that is my next time working with them!

The next super cool thing to happen today was that my family from India flew in and is now at our house!! It’s just really cool to know that family is there and rooting for you.

In case you were curious about what a house looks like just before an arangetram, it’s kind of a mess. See above pictures for reference. My mom jokes that at this point it isn’t any different from a wedding!! Our house is filled with boxes, with lobby decor, stage decor, altar decor, podium decor, brochures, makeup, jewelry …It’s pretty crazy. Plus we’re still constantly running around to get our planning and other errands done.

However, now that most of our planning is falling into place, I can’t help but feel the excited jitters of a show about to come on! It’s been a long road, but it is 100% worth it. By the way, tomorrow is my stage rehearsal!  Don’t worry, there’s no way I can forget to keep you posted on that!


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