The Dress Rehearsal 

​I honestly feel this could have gone a lot better. There were still a lot of kinks that needed to be worked out and I needed calmer nerves. However, for the most part, everything went pretty well.
For my dress rehearsal I had hair and makeup done exactly as I would for the performance, and wore one costume from beginning to varnam, and a sari costume for the rest. Usually people wear just one costume throughout, but I have a very different thillana and I wanted to be sure I could do it in the sari style.

Considering that I typically go onstage quite a few times annually between my 2 dance forms, I didn’t realize how much being alone onstage would affect me. It’s a good thing I got to experience this once before my arangetram.

I had a lot of fun trying out the props. There’s this really special one that I want to keep a surprise because of how cool it is. I hope you enjoy!

I received a tremendous amount of support from several other arangetram moms and dads and two of my fellow arangetram sisters. Without their constant cheering, help backstage and in the changing room, there was no way I could have pulled it off. Pretty much every volunteer there also now has a special place in my heart!

Although I was drop dead exhausted, I have to say that now I’m pretty pumped for my arangetram! Now I know what to expect, and I feel pretty confident about myself!


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