My first private class 

​Hi Everyone!

So as I wondered what in the world could possibly be interesting enough to share this week, I took a slight detour into memory lane. From there I thought I might share the details of my first ever private class in preparation for my arangetram.

So there I was: nervous, a bit rusty and after the school day, kind of tired. 
I remember this class being extremely  intense and tiring. We reviewed all the adavus and basically spent an hour going through them over and over at differing speeds. My legs were trembling pretty badly at the end, and I literally felt like I was made of jelly! It was quite the experience.

But what can I say? Looking back on it, it’s definitely made me stronger, and it’s made my adavus neater too. Big takeaway: practice your adavus! Seriously works like magic.

Anyway, I hope this brief anecdote was interesting and perhaps even amusing! It’s been a pleasure to share my dance stories!

We shall meet again next week!


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