The top 6 friends of the Arangetram student

​1. Extra makeup, extra jewelry, extra bells, extra hairpins extra safety pins, extra hair pieces – you know, extra EVERYTHING. You never know when you might need it. 

2. A big bottle of your favorite Gatorade in a convenient bottle, with a highly necessary straw. Although I never drank Gatorade during my practice sessions to help with stamina, I did have it backstage during my dress rehearsal and my arangetram.
3. A balanced diet of fruits and veggies (and meats is you’re not vegetarian or vegan)
4. Enough rest. Or you’ll knock yourself out during practice.
5. Lots of family and friends to support you throughout your performance, backstage and during your tough practices. It just really helps.
6. An “I believe in myself attitude!”

I promise, #6 will always be your bestie!


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