The Importance of Passion

​Hi Everyone! I hope y’all are having a heart warming holiday season thus far and having fun with the holiday shopping!
This post is a little bit different. So as I took to reflecting over my experience with an arangetram, I realized that one of my biggest takeaways was that passion is really more important than technique. Not saying that technique isn’t important – just saying that you can’t let the fire of your passion burn out because you’re too focused on technique.

Story time! One of the most important experiences I had actually didn’t have anything to do with me. It was a case of friendly rivalry. So a couple dancers whom I’d known more or less got into this “I can practice more than you”  competition, and although it was just a friendly rivalry about a couple months from their debuts, one of them got some complications with her foot and could not even walk on it for a month. Not kidding, not exaggerating. Seriously. Luckily she got better in time and had a fabulous performance. But in the end, that extra extra practice, to the extent where it hurts and isn’t fun anymore doesn’t do anyone any good.

We all have times when we get hyper focused on things, and seem to suck the fun out of them. And so the biggest thing I want you guys to know is that you have to be true to yourself and keep your balance. Don’t underdo nor overdo. Love what you do and keep it that way.

Ritika ❤


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