How’s life?

​Hi Everybody!

It’s been a while since my last How’s Life? post. I hope everyone is doing well and staying super warm during this freezing time of year!
So far, life has been good. Chilly, but good.

As I hope you do too, I still find an important part of myself drawn to dance classes. Henceforth, we’ve been continuing to follow the path towards our annual day, which is coming up soon. So far I’ve done two productions as a part of the troupe, and it is interesting. One thing I’ve noticed is that in this last year, I’ve had to get used to dancing with a group again and memorizing lots of complex formations – stuff you don’t have to do while learning to perform solo.  Both have such different skill sets, that it gets weird having to go back and forth. But it’s still fun, and it makes life exciting.

So that’s how life is …

See you next week!


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