Time management

​This is never easy.  I did my dance debut during junior year, aka the dreaded SAT, GPA and year I didn’t sleep for nine months straight. During that time, I really really needed efficient time management skills.
Even if you’re not looking to do a dance debut, good time management is a tool that can help you balance out all the things you need to do, want to do and still have time for yourself. Personally, I liked to make time boxes, so I’d get enough time for dance, homework, SAT Prep, and the other millions of things one naturally has to do.

As painful as it is, it’s actually better to be away from your phone during your busy schedule,  because that’s one less distraction. Plus, I usually concentrate better that way.

Ultimately, you have to prioritize yourself and sleep too, so if there’s too much on your plate, it’s okay to take a brief break if you’re struggling. But only as a last resort. It’s always sad for me to watch a passionate dancer leave dance because they’re schedule is too busy.

I hope my time management tips were somewhat useful! See you next week!


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